Author of Your Own Story

Author of Your Own Story is a platform designed to inspire people to live the life of their dreams, while making the world a better place and supporting each other. Our platform combines guided courses, inspirational messages, daily practices, and mentoring for anyone interested in bettering themselves.

We’ve taken the world of business and personal development to a new level. The sections we offer currently are:

Courses: We offer free and paid courses on diverse subject matter aimed to help individuals reclaim their dreams and turn them into reality. Our courses are designed by both our own Author of Your Own Story team and outside industry experts.

Retreats: There’s no better way to learn than total immersion. It is for this reason that we offer retreats and seminars on subjects such as finance, business, health & wellness, and relationships. Our retreats range from luxurious to adventurous, but always deliver.

Mastermind Groups: There is strength in synergy. Our Mastermind Groups are led by experienced facilitators in order to keep the conversation going and ensure that growth happens both in and out of the group.

Inner Circle: Our private community for super achievers. This is where the elite come to play and grow.

Daily Teachings: We know that producing content and course material daily is a huge undertaking, but we feel that’s the best way to allow our members to grow, so that’s what we’re doing… and we’re doing it all for free! Our Daily Teachings newsletter provides a free tip or hack to help you develop a specific area of your life to help ensure that you are positively unrecognizable to your former self a year from now. It’s a great thing and we’re proud of it!

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