Having had the opportunity to work with amazing artists, businessmen and women, executives, actors, and scholars has opened my eyes to the differences between those that are successful and those that simply just wannabe.

The wannabes hope that someday they’ll strike it rich, get discovered, figure it out, and “it will all come together. It doesn’t. The successful people make it happen. They grind it out and put the work in day after day after day. They are World Class.

I typed out an old handout someone gave to me regarding “World Class vs. Middle Class”. This is from the book “Secrets of the World Class – Turning Mediocrity into Greatness” by Steve Siebold.


The Middle Class competes… The World Class creates.
The Middle Class avoids risk… The World Class manages risks.
The Middle Class loves to be comfortable… The World Class is comfortable being uncomfortable.
The Middle Class lives in delusion… The World Class lives in objective reality.
The Middle Class hungers for security… The World Class sacrifices safety for growth.
The Middle Class focuses on having… The World Class focuses on being.
The Middle Class has a lottery mentality… The World Class has an abundance of mentality.
The Middle Class slows down… The World Class calms down.
The Middle Class is frustrated… The World Class is grateful.
The Middle Class operates out of fear and scarcity… The World Class operates from love and abundance.
The Middle Class has pipedreams… The World Class has vision.
The Middle Class denies its intuition… The World Class embraces its intuition.
The Middle Class trades time for money… The World Class trades ideas for money.
The Middle Class is problem oriented… The World Class is solution oriented.
The Middle Class is problem oriented… The World Class sees itself as responsible.
The Middle Class thinks it knows enough… The World Class is eager to learn.
The Middle Class speaks the language of fear… The World Class speaks the language of love.
The Middle Class chooses fear… The World Class choses growth.
The Middle Class is boastful… The World Class seeks wealth.
The Middle Class believes its vison only when it sees it… The World Class knows it will see its vision when it believes it.
The Middle Class coaches through logic… The World Class coaches through emotion.
The Middle Class believes problem solving stems from knowledge… The World Class believes problem solving stems from will.

“Middle Class consciousness is what most of us are born into…
World Class consciousness is what’s possible.”

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