When you’re writing an article, blog post, or informative item for the Internet, chances are you want it to be found. Unless this is a sales specific page, you want to make sure your title is search engine friendly.

People don’t search for clever, alternative phrases on the Internet. When people search for things like “fish tanks in Denver” or “best brunch in Orange County”, they’re not searching for “Something’s fishy in the Mile High” or “Crab cakes and crepes in O-Town.” Save the catchy titles for People Magazine.

Your titles should contain your keywords whenever possible. If you can’t fit your keyword in without ruining your title, then do so. For example, if I’m promoting my fitness studio in Santa Barbara, it might seem natural to write something like “10 Ways to Select a Top Notch Trainer”. Instead of just leaving it there, it would be smarter for me to say something like “10 Ways to Select a Top Notch Personal Trainer in Santa Barbara” since I know that one of my keywords is “personal trainer in Santa Barbara.”

This may sounds intuitive, but look around the web and you’ll find that many of the top rated sites have their keywords in their titles. It may not make the titles sexy, but it gets you on their page and that’s the end game.

Make this small change to your titles and you’ll see your traffic increase. Of course, you better do your keywords research first.

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