Do you pay it forward?

Darcy, my right-hand woman, and I decided to head out and work from a coffee shop. She was visiting so we could do some planning for a project we’re launching in 2019.

Darcy ordered her drink, then I ordered mine, but I couldn’t help but notice the woman sitting at the bar looking at me as I talked to the barista. Obviously, she was checking me out…

…except that she wasn’t.

As I pulled out my credit card to pay for our drinks she jumped up and extended her arm, credit card in hand, and said that our order was on the local bank. It was national pay-it-forward day according to her and the bank wanted to buy our coffees.

Darcy and I both lit up. What an amazing gesture of kindness we both thought.

Yeah, it was a promotion for the bank, but still made me feel good inside. It wasn’t the financial savings that was amazing, but the act of kindness. I loved it.

As Darcy and I sat down and got to work, I couldn’t help but listen in to some of the reactions at the cash register as this women and her colleagues continued to buy drink after drink after drink for the next hour or so.

One man loudly proclaimed – I have to perform an act of kindness? Why I do that all the time. This will be easy!

The barista behind the counter called out a woman’s name, her drink was ready, and the man quickly said “whose drink is this? I’ll deliver it to her. Why wait to perform an act of kindness right?”

The zeal in his voice was childlike and filled with excitement. He was about to get competitive with paying it forward… and he loved it!

I turned around to notice that the entire coffee shop was filled with people working and meeting friends, but more importantly, it was filled with smiles and love. You could feel it in the air.

You don’t have to go far to perform an act of kindness today. In fact, I suggest you start by performing one for yourself.

Do something small, or large, to show kindness to yourself today. You deserve it.

If you’re up for playing a bigger game (and I know you are), then share a picture with me of you performing a random act of kindness. A selfie with your recipient… even if that recipient is you.

Be kind. ????

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