It’s 8 PM, and you’re just getting home from the office, but your day isn’t over yet. 

You grab something quickly on the way home to eat, pour yourself a drink, and sit down on the couch. 

You’ve got a date with your laptop tonight because days like this require that you get shit done. 

The Netflix streaming in the background gives you some semblance of a social life… as if you have friends in the room with you and you aren’t just working. 

It hasn’t hit you yet, but it will. This day isn’t unusual. It’s just a “workday”. And let’s face it, workdays are just about every day.

On the outside, your life looks perfect. You’re the leader of a large company. People look up to you.

When a decision needs to be made, they come to you, and you make it. 

You are the go-to person, both inside your company and outside. You get shit done. Period. 

You live in a nice house, drive a nice car, and wear nice clothes. Your social media depicts a lifestyle of fine dining and travel.

But we know the truth… 

You’ve missed more weddings, birthdays, and special occasions than you can even list. 

Your friends have become strangers. Sure, when you do talk, you talk about things you did a long time ago, but not new memories created together. 

Your spouse seems fine with everything, but the reality is you’ve become roommates, not lovers. 

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You wear expensive makeup to hide the bags under your eyes. You’re worn out, but don’t want to admit defeat because you’re a winner. 

This lifestyle sounded so great in your 20’s, but now that you’ve got it, you realize that it isn’t all it was cracked up to be. 

What will life look like if you stay on this path 5 years from now? 

You know the story. It’s happening all around you – people who have been down the path you’re on and now are fighting to get their health back, hoping to salvage relationships they missed out on, lonely, and tired. 

“There has to be something more” you keep thinking to yourself when you actually allow yourself to think. However, this thinking time is rare. You’d rather be busy – be distracted. The thoughts aren’t as bad then. 

If you took a long walk in the park by yourself, you know the thoughts would creep in. “Is this worth it?” 

The title, the money, the respect – it’s great. But you’re out of balance. 

Yup, you’re unfulfilled and unhappy. 

But there’s another way and you’ve seen glimpses of this alternative path before – it’s just eluded you. 

You’ve met other business leaders who seem to be close to their loved ones, not work the same long hours, yet they still seem to do well. Are they smarter? Are they special? 

No. They’ve figured out how to balance their priorities and did the work on their inner game that has allowed them the freedom to do the work that matters. 

They are only special in that someone showed them the way and they stepped up and did the work on themselves that’s required to live a fulfilled life. 

You’re strong enough to do the same, but you have to let go of your story.

The story you’ve created about how a business leader’s life should look like. The story about how you have to do everything yourself. The story about how “when I get there, it will be better.” 

There is no “there.” Only here and now exist. The rest is either the past or the future and you can’t be in either. 

I realize this sounds strange, but you also know it’s true. 

Unless you have a “do-over” life that you know you can use to come back and try this life over again, this is your shot – your one chance to live life on your own terms. To write the story your way. 

There is no practice life. 

Sure, everything looks good on the outside, and you’re checking all the boxes of what life as a successful business leader was supposed to look like… but you and I know the truth. 

It’s time to make the change and start living a life that fills you up. The only scary part is starting. 

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