This is more common than most people care to admit – especially with business owners and CEOs. 

They have a great idea, start a business, dot their I’s and cross their T’s…

… then they put their head down and get to work. 

They’re capable of handling more work than most and that’s why they so often get trapped. 

These successful business owners, and CEOs, push the line to the max. 

When they pick their head up, they realize they’ve either built an amazing business and are completely unfulfilled, or they have built themselves a great job. Usually, it’s both. 

They believe that if they just push a little harder, then they’ll get there. 

But where? 

They’re not enjoying the journey, and even worse, most have lost sight of the destination. 

Their health begins to fade. The light in their eyes, the passion, is long gone. Their close friends don’t really know them anymore. They have people around them if they are lucky, but it’s usually other owners or business partners in the same struggle. There’s no depth. 

They’re trapped.

There are many ways out, and sadly, unusually the path chose to get out isn’t pretty. 

Suicide rates are the rise. Slow death by sedation, either through drugs, surfing the Internet, or binge-watching TV are typical escapes. This is not to mention those that simply throw themselves back into their business because they just don’t know what else to do. 

The solution can seem like escaping prison… and the truth is that it is. 

It’s not easy, though I’m open to the idea that it could be. For most, it’s rediscovering who they are, what they want, and then overhauling themselves with the help of an expert or mentor. 

These alphas have been told their entire lives that they shouldn’t need to ask for help. That’s for the weak. 

The truth is that suffering in silence and not living your life to it’s highest purpose is weak. 

You are made for more than average. 

You always have options. 

Feeling trapped? 

Ask for help. It’s never too late. It’s only one click away.

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