Making the jump is scary.

I just got off the phone with an executive with a dream.

His dream is to leave his high paying job and grow his “side-hustle” business.

When we first talked, he walked me through his dreams and his business model. I say dreams because his deadlines contained a lot of “someday’s” in them.

I don’t do “someday’s” with my clients.

His year-end goals became his quarterly goals and he crushed them all in 3-weeks, all while maintaining his family (a single dad), getting a new puppy, and hitting the gym 5 times each week. He was on fire!

Then it happened as it often does. He got scared. He hit an upper limit.

His dream was quickly becoming a reality. What to do now? What if this isn’t what he really wanted? What if he fails? What if…

At this exact time, the owner asked him to double down on his job. He was given twice the workload to do in half the time. He accepted.

Did I mention he hated his job? Did I mention he worked close to 70 hours each week on this job that he hated? Did I mention he had a dream?

This type of upper limiting happens a lot. Some say it’s the universe, or God, testing your will. Some say that it’s our need to be accepted by others that causes us to play small.

Whatever the exact cause, upper limiting prevents many people from living the life of their dreams. In fact, it prevents us from even taking the first few steps – especially if those steps will force us to take massive action towards realizing those dreams.

Sure, he had a lot of valid excuses as to why he should put his dream on pause. All those excuses were BS, and when we spoke again, he realized he was using those excuses to protect himself.

The two most common excuses I hear are around lack of time and money.

Don’t have the time?

Truth: You haven’t made it a priority.

Don’t have the money?

Truth: You haven’t made it a priority.

Not the right time?

Truth: You’re not making yourself a priority.

Chose to be different. There are enough people out there that are average… that role in life is sufficiently filled. Chose to be great. Chose to make yourself and your dreams a priority.

I’m happy to report that the man mentioned above is back on track.

When, now, is a good time for you?

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