The days of multitasking are over… or at least we’re told we shouldn’t be doing as much as we were. We all knew this was coming; it’s just sad for us entrepreneurs whose ADHD was hidden through the fabrication called “multi-tasking”. OK, we just lack focus, but that’s what we’re entrepreneurs – we love to go 100 MPH and switch tasks … all day.Businessman-Meditating-Small

Countless studies have proven that it’s better to pick one item and focus. Not for a long time – 60 to 90 minutes tops. Now, you might have to work up to it to break your multi-tasking habit. It’s hard, I know. But there is help.

It’s time to discover Focus@Will. Focus@Will is an audio player much like Pandora, Songza, or Grooveshark, but with a twist – its sole purpose is to set you in the mood to focus on a project or task for a set period of time. That’s it.

The crew at this California start-up claims to be able to back their program up with loads of scientific research. I won’t bore you with the details here; you can read them directly on their website (, but here’s what they’re saying in short: Focus@will is a new neuroscience based web tool that uses phase sequenced instrumental music to

increase your attention span up to 400% when working, studying, writing and reading.

They provide three levels of accounts, two of which are free, and the pro is a paid account giving you full access to their music library and the ability to change your settings. For example, the default setting is 60 minutes, which I find perfect for me. I simply pick a task or project from my daily list of results I’m after and get to work. At the end of the 60 minutes, I get up and do something active. This resets my brain and body chemistry. It also reminds me to step away from the computer. To top it off, knowing that I only have 60 minutes actually presses me a bit more to focus and get my work done. I love it!

So why is this different than listing to Pandora, Spotify, or the like? Well, I find that I don’t “hear” the music with Focus@Will. I’m simply tuning out all the other noise that’s around me – and that’s a lot considering I own multiple businesses and a private personal training studio that’s constantly bumping music below my office. Focus@Will gives me that extra edge and creates what I would describe as white noise music. This isn’t music you’ll be wanting to play at your next BBQ or when the guys are over to catch the game. focusatwill

The only thing missing is a set of blinders and a back massage. Try Focus@Will and let me know what you think in the comments below.

ADHD solved! Off to grab the laundry while listening to a podcast with a weight vest on so I can get a workout in…

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