If you’re like me, you love TED Talks – they’re informative, inspirational, and give you insights into worlds that you may not have known existed. TED Talks can be especially useful for business owners, but sometimes you might not have the time to go through all of them.
Here are my top 5 TED Talks for business owners, in no particular order, for you to enjoy.

Tony Robbins: Why We Do What We Do

In this talk, Tony Robbins, someone I respect immensely, takes the stage and explains the psychology behind why people do the things we do… and why we don’t do the things we should.
If you’ve heard Tony talk about this talk, he says that the beginning of the talk was cut out because his introduction was done so poorly that those running TED were embarrassed.
As always, Tony delivers and it’s especially interesting to see his interaction with the crowd.

Seth Godin: How to Get Your Ideas to Spread

The master of marketing himself, Seth Godin, explains how to get ideas to spread like no one else can. Always informative. Always entertaining. Seth is amazing. Leave a comment below if you’ve had “water salad”… I want to know how it was.

Nigel Marsh: How to Make Work-Life Balance Work

Nigel shares his four observations with his experience with a work/life balance. What is the core issue? Listen to what Nigel Marsh has to say.

Simon Sinek: How great leaders inspire action

I was lucky enough to see Simon Sinek speak live at the International Health, Racquet & Sports club Association trade show. Although I had already seen his TED Talk several times, his talk in person was even better. Why do YOU do what you do?

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