When there’s something in your life you want, big or small, and you find yourself putting it off time and time again, then the reality is that it’s not that important to you.

What’s happening is that you’re associating more pain to taking action than you’re currently experiencing from not doing anything.

Of course, you could just be enjoying the excuses. Many do, though few want to admit it. But let’s say this isn’t you. You don’t enjoy playing the victim.

Then how do you get over procrastination?

This is where your “why” and your “who” come into play. I’ve talked about this a lot, so I won’t go into it here.

The short answer is to get massive leverage on yourself to where you associate more pain to not taking action then to taking action.

For example, think of a goal you have – a goal you’ve had for several years now. Perhaps it’s losing weight, or maybe it’s bringing in an extra 10k per month in take-home pay, or maybe it’s finding that special someone in your life. Pick the one that seems to keep coming up year after year after year, yet doesn’t happen… yeah, that one.

Now, imagine that you’ve just written me a check for $50,000. I’ll hold onto the check for a specified period of time, let’s say 3 months, and if you achieve your goal you get it back. But, if you don’t achieve your goal, then I get to keep the check…or better yet, I cash the check and give the money to a radical hate group in your name, so they get the $50,000 out of your pocket.

Would you stop procrastinating if you knew that if you didn’t take action, you’d be paying people $50,000 to go out and hurt others?

My guess is you would.

Now, this is clearly more of an extreme example, but the truth is that when you pay, you pay attention and take action.

Some people pay in money. It’s a renewable resource.

Most of us pay in time, and that’s the one resource you can never get back.

By not taking action and living a life you truly love, you’re shorting yourself, the ones around you, and the world by not shunting your passion. That’s a crime… or at least it should be.

When you procrastinate doing something you want to do, then you’re really writing a check to the bad guys… you’re just paying them with time. And we all know that time is… money. So perhaps start thinking of it like that.

Get leverage.

Get a mentor or coach who can help you compress that time and give you a swift kick in the arse when you start slipping. It’s been the best investment I’ve made and I think it will be for you too.

Now get to it!

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