As hard as I try to pretend that it’s just another day, there is something undeniably special about the New Year. Perhaps it’s the #1 on my calendar, or the first month of a year, or the first day of a quarter… or perhaps, it’s the fact that I’ve been conditioned to think of it as a blank slate.

Whatever it is… I like it.

Each year I set a theme for the year. It’s something I do for fun, but it also acts like a mantra for me throughout the year.

Last year was Epic Growth & Adventure.

There was a lot of both in 2018.

I drove across North America (twice) – once with my family and once solo.

Led several international business retreats.

Studied NLP.

Hired a coach with my wife.

… and too many more things to mention.

In 2019, the theme I’m choosing is Joy & Love.

This doesn’t mean that epic growth and adventure stop. Those are two things that are simply part of me.

My new theme will serve as more of a mantra – a True North for me this New Year.

What’s your theme going to be for 2019?

Let me know, and we can keep each other accountable.

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