Google’s SEO liaison, Matt Cutts, answered this question on a video put out on the GoogleWebmasterHelp Youtube Channel on May 13th. Since most people, including SEOs, aren’t in the habit of staying up with the latest on Online Marketing, I thought I’d break down a few of the highlights.

  • Google will continue to support those websites that are updating their websites to better the user experience.
  • Work hard for users and Google will hard for you.
  • Penguin 2.0 – a web spam software that will work at eliminating “web spam” or blackhat techniques that have been used in SEO for over a decade. It will go deeper than Penguin 1.0.
  • Advertorials – these paid articles will not pass page rank any more. These violate Google’s guidelines. They should contain very clear disclosures to avoid penalties.
  • Focus on eliminating link spam
  • Hacked site detection – finding sites that serve up malware
  • Webmaster communication – helping webmasters that aren’t on top of their game
  • Refining the Panda update

Watch the whole video yourself and see what Matt has to say:

YouTube video

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