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Vacation-CEOThere’s nothing like a vacation in the summer – take it from a Virgin
Summer is here, the weather is great, and for the founder of Virgin, it’s time to take a vacation, but not a vacation from big ideas. In this short piece, Richard Branson talks about the importance of taking time away from your phone to enjoy a vacation. He goes on to point out that it’s often the time away that bring big ideas and those ideas can come at the most unlikely of places. I’m off to a four day backpacking trip with my fiance in the remote wilderness of the Sierra Nevadas. Perhaps a grizzly will provide me with some new insight. Relax, But Don’t Take the Summer Off From Great Ideas

Fresh Blood
You need it, I need, … we all need it – fresh, pure, blood. The high quality stuff, not the tanted stuff you can get on everyone corner in the US. We want the best. Well, geting fresh blood, also called talent, can be tough. In this article by Verne Hash in Fortune, you’ll learn 5 steps to getting and keeping great young talent.

What does $5 get you these days?
The guys at Fiverr believe it will get you a lot and so do 1.5 million others. The website gets millions of visits every month with members from over 200 countries and sellers offering over 1.8 million gigs. All of this in about 3 years. Well, the guys at Fiverr just installed a new look to their site. You can get gigs for business … or for fun such as the one I got for a friend and client of mine for his birthday to post on Facebook (sorry Ben).

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