My brothers and sisters! I started in the fitness industry back in 1995. I got the bug and never looked back. I had the entrepreneur bug before I entered the fitness industry, so I love helping other fitness professionals grow both personally and professionally. That’s where my skills shine.

As of this writing, I’ve picked up 18 different degrees and certs in the fitness and health field. I’ve also helped thousands of active and aspiring fitness professionals during my career. Again, this is where my skills shine and who doesn’t like to play in an arena that allows your two passions to flow.

If you haven’t already, you should check out Fitness Professional Online (FPO). I created this as a free resource for people just like you. When I was working at a certification company, I couldn’t find a good resource to send people to for advice and help that wasn’t biased or just trying to sell you something. Now we have it with FPO.

Do you own your own fitness business? Then you need to be in a mastermind group geared specifically for fit pros like yourself. There are a few of us out there that run groups for our industry. I created mine because I thought I could offer something unique to our industry. My background is, well, just different than most. This allows me to give more and bring people together to think differently, which allows us all to grow.

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