99 Designs

99 designs is one of the largest online graphic design marketplaces. This marketplace is based off of a design contest. Designers submit competing designs in response to a customer’s design brief and the winner receives a payment for their work. By using this model, customers have hundreds of designs to choose from submitted from a number of designers with different styles. For a cheaper price than an in-house graphic designer, you get hundreds of more options to choose from.

I use 99 Designs for logos for my businesses and for my clients. It’s a great way to get hundreds of submissions rather than just a few from one graphic artist. I also like that once I’ve narrowed down the design choices, I can give feedback, request changes, and have people vote on a design.

Pro Tip: When doing a design on 99 Designs, let your target audience help you vote on the best design. This is an excellent way to get feedback from your target audience and get them involved in the process before you launch.

Cost: Ranges from $299 – $1,199


PicMonkey is an online photo editing service that allows you to edit and create images. This service is especially good for your social media campaigns, or just posting fun pics of your friends onto Facebook. I use PicMonkey to highlight fun and inspirational things going on within my businesses. This allows me to put a personal twist on the organizations I run and gives our team a face behind the great work they do.

Cost: Free

Creative Market

Creative Market boasts ready-to-use design assets from over 6,000 independent creators. These include graphics, fonts, themes, photos, and more all starting at $2. The vast variety of goods available on this site is remarkable. You could find any design within your price range to help make your website more visually appealing. The site is easy to navigate and offers extensive details and pictures for each product to make the process of purchasing easy and hassle-free.

Cost: Ranging from $2 – $500 depending on which type of asset you’re looking for.


Canva is a tool that makes graphic design simple and easy to do. It has tools to turn any idea into a stunning design, whether it is for a website, flyer, presentation, poster, invitation, etc.

Canva has a blog, which they call Design School, and is great to give you creative ideas for your next project. You can use Canva to quickly manipulate your social media posts and fliers. You’ll look like a pro with little experience.

Cost: Free for basic version, upgrade is $12.95/month


You can use Pixlr the same way you’d use Photoshop. There are three options to choose from when you go to their site – one has an interface much like Photoshop, and the others are designed more for social media. Pixlr is a photo editor that lets you turn your photos into masterpieces. With tools that change the gradients, focus, enhancements, etc. You gain more control over the picture that you want to produce.

It’s a great cloud-based photo and image manipulation solution.

Cost: Free initial download with features you can unlock as you go, or you can use its web client. Pro: $14.99/year gives you access to the FULL Pixlr Software.


Pixelmator is an image-editor app created for Mac computers and iOS devices. This is a powerful editing tool that has won numerous awards for their desktop app, iPad app, and iPhone app.

Pixelmator allows the user to manipulate photos in a more advanced way than other basic editors, and has capabilities that are comparable to Photoshop.

Whether you are an amateur in photo manipulation or graphic design is your career there is something everyone can appreciate within this tool. There are numerous tutorials for using Pixelmator effectively on their website as well as a number of reviews and tutorials by other designers on the web. For the cost, it is worth it.

Cost: Free trial and $29.99 for full version


Free tools for creating and sharing infographics. The templates allow anyone to create a professional-looking graphic. This is an excellent way to not only build an infographic but also get it distributed by others.

Cost: Free

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