OK, I know what you’re thinking, but many people don’t fully use YouTube for productivity or business. Do you have a question about how to do something in your business? Try typing it into YouTube and seeing who and what comes up with the answer. As of this writing, there are 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. Some are stupid cat tricks, but some are by industry experts trying to gain more market share by providing value. What’s more is that you can change the speed of a video. I often watch videos at 1.5 to 2 x speed. When writing this book, I checked in on Pat Flynn to see what he had to say to help me get this out quicker, so I could hit the beach in San Diego. Pat’s amazing, but I can keep up with him at 2x speed and get his nuggets of information in half the time.

YouTube is also the second largest search engine, so if you’re considering being a thought leader, or you just want to capture more market share, you should create your own channel on YouTube. Let me know so I can subscribe.

Cost: Free


Feedly is a website that compiles news from various sources onto one interface. It allows users to customize their feed and share news articles with others. Feedly’s main page has a search bar for general search, as well as specifi c news categories such as business, food, design, marketing, SEO, and others. Feedly users create their personal profi les with the topics that they are most interested in.

Cost: Free

Save to Pocket

Save to Pocket, allows an individual to save any article either through email or one click on their browser. Save to Pocket is available in over 500 apps and your pocket can be viewed on any one of your devices. Save to Pocket allows a convenient “save it for later” service whether its numerous videos and pictures sent to you through email or something within an app you just don’t want to forget. Save to pocket takes care of it for you. Easy to set up and organize Save to Pocket is a reliable service that everyone should try!

I use Pocket to save the hundreds of articles I come across each week. It allows me to read the articles at my convenience, which is great when I can do so outside, away from the office.

Pro Tip: Use IFTTT to set up automatic triggers in Pocket to save articles from your best sources and to also save them to Evernote. I also make sure I tag certain articles and pages to look at later. For example, if I’m on a website that has horrible online marketing practices, but great information, I will hit the Pocket button on my browser and tag that with “lead” or something similar. This is helpful for me to come back to should I decide to follow up. Typically I send a short video to the website owner with tips on how they can make their site more user-friendly and easier to find as a thank you for providing great content online.

Costs: Free!


Evernote is a note taking software for individuals and businesses. You have the ability to take notes, and notes can take the form of text, web articles, images, voice memos, and even handwritten notes. You can file these notes in various ways, making it easy to organize and view your notes for everyone you share them with. Although the app is free, there are added benefits when subscribing to the premium options that Evernote has available, including, but not limited to, added security and increased functionality. While there are several note taking software systems available, Evernote has positioned itself as a frontrunner in note taking applications, being one of the more tenured note taking software systems on the market. They have introduced various tools, such as a stylus pen that transcribes everything you handwrite into the Evernote software. They also sell a scanner, a day planner, and other various products that you could find cheaper versions of on Amazon or at Target.

Think of Evernote as your memory dump. You can put in all kinds of information, forget about it, and then come back to find it anytime. It’s a great way to get information out of your head and use that free space to create.

Pro Tip: Use IFTT to automate a lot of your Evernote tasks. If you’re using Gmail, then you can also create filters to automatically forward certain emails (such as receipts) to your Evernote. I do this with certain newsletters and contacts that I want to keep, read later, or be able to search for at a later date.

Cost: Free, $5/month for premium, and $10/month/user for business


Audible is in the top 5 apps I use the most. You literally have the world’s greatest minds are your figure tips. With Audible, I can digest an entire book in a long drive or a week’s worth of workouts or even cleaning the house. I can’t say enough about Audible and the way this service has benefited me both personally and professionally.

You can try it yourself, see some of my recommendations, and get a free audiobook by visiting

Cost: $14.95 + per month depending on how many “credits” you’d like to get each month. Typically, a book is 1-2 credits.

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