Internet Marketing and SEO are the keys to a business’s success. In this day and age, your customers are searching for your services and products online – on their phones, on their laptops, home and work computers, and tablets. You need to be on the first page of Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Unlike many so called “specialists” we do not believe that your business is the exact same as everyone else’s and therefore your strategy shouldn’t be the same. There is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to business and their certainly isn’t one towards getting your business to the top of the search engines. Here are a few of the more popular services we provide:

Internet Marketing and SEO - Doug HoltLocal SEO: Are you a local business owner? Do you want to attract more customers from surrounding cities? Local search engine optimization is the answer that will turn search traffic into foot traffic for your business. The game is changing for local businesses and the answer isn’t in the Yellow Pages. It is no longer just about Local Search or Map Optimization—it’s about both. That’s why DougHoltOnline offers both services in one. We want to bring your listing to the top!

Maps Marketing: Google Maps marketing, or Google+ Local (formerly Google Places) Optimization, is a service DougHoltOnline offers to get local businesses found in their areas and cities. The service is a combination of search engine optimization and map optimization. With both targeted links to your website and your optimized Google map, DougHoltOnline can have your business appearing for searches done in your city. Literally millions of people search on Google each day. Does your site appear when people search for your services?

Social Media: “Social Media” is certainly the buzz word these days. But how can your business leverage social media marketing? DougHoltOnline is an SEO company and we are also a social media marketing company and they have the tools, experience, and ingenuity to give your business an attractive online presence in the social media world. There’s no doubt about it. People are talking about your business, and the conversation is online. They are spending nearly an hour on Facebook each day, collectively sending millions of Tweets, and watching hours of video on YouTube. People are on social media sites more than they are on Google. Are you where they are?

Business Profile Creation: Your business is your brand and never in history has your brand been so readily available for the public and your potential customers to find. The Internet hosts a wealth of information and it’s important that you control the way you and your brand are being represented. Creating a business profile to share across a wide variety of platforms is critical. Our team will work with you to create a powerful profile that will help you get found online. Doug Holt Online will create and optimize local search engine profiles for your brand. Find out more on our Business Profile Creation page.

blog-commentingBlog Commenting: Blog commenting has proven to be a highly useful form of link building for many SEO clients. In order to make a blog post comment a valuable link building activity, Doug Holt Online (DHO) takes the time to research relevant industry blogs, both popular and less known, that target the same audience as your company. We want to post comments on blogs that attract your target audience so they can be pulled through to your site as a qualified visitor. Find out more on our Blog Commenting page.

Article Marketing: Article marketing often forms the backbone of many long-term SEO link building campaigns. Producing quality content on a consistent basis is one of the best ways a site can grow its brand and earn the trust of the search engines. This not only shows that you are keeping up with your industry, but you are engaging with your customer base. Our team works together to combine search engine optimization and professionally written, technical, articles based on your needs. These articles are always only used once and never re-purposed unless it’s part of your marketing strategy.

Health & Fitness Online Marketing and SEO: Doug Holt has been working in the health and wellness space since 1995 and then worked in the Internet space shortly afterward. Using his experience in both of these fields as a recognized expert, Doug Holt is able to understand the unique needs of business owners in the health and fitness industry. The Doug Holt Online (DHO) team will sit down with you and your team to help create a marketing plan that fits your business needs. There is no “one size fits all” in the health industry, and this also applies to your businesses Internet marketing needs. Our goal is to help you get found so you can help others achieve their optimal health and fitness.

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