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The Daily Growth Hacks show started out with a goal of providing short tips, tricks, and insights each day for one year. The show was received incredibly well and after the one-year goal was hit, the team decided that it was time to give back even more.

Although the format has changed, the show is still produced daily. The team has broken the show down into distinctive categories following the 5-To-Thrive methodology:

Monday: Mind – A weekly growth hack to help provide you with an insight
Tuesday: Body – A tip to help optimize your health and wellness
Wednesday: Soul – An inspirational interview with someone living the Author of Your Own Story lifestyle
Thursday: Relationships – Deep dive discussions on the area of relationships with Doug’s wife Erin Holt (owner of Sweat, Dirt, & Soul coaching), and other guests to help expand one of the most important areas of our lives.
Friday: Business – A weekly growth hack to help you grow your business and gain freedom
Saturday: Mixed Bag – A weekly growth hack around fun, wealth, or the topic of growth
Sunday: Mixed Bag – A weekly growth hack around fun, wealth, or the topic of growth

The Business Owner’s Toolbox

The Business Owner’s Toolbox was put together when one of Doug’s coaching clients mentioned to him that they wish they could be sitting in the “3rd seat” as Doug talks to successful business owners. Doug decided that this would be a fun way to not only allow others to sit in that 3rd seat, but also a great way for people to get to know each other virtually by offering a lighting round segment called “Coffee Break” where a business owner would get a chance to introduce themselves to a wide audience and then allow the audience to reach out and connect.

Doug’s specialty is working with business owners and helping them reach their dreams, so it seemed like a natural fit to further help business owners by connecting them and allowing others to hear their stories.

The Powerful Man Show

The Powerful Man Show is hosted by Tim Matthews and Doug Holt who dive deep into conversations, each week, about the topics men need to hear. Tim and Doug are known for helping men step into their power, live up to their potential, and live a life they love, and this podcast is no exception. If you are a man, or have men in your life, this is a podcast you will want to listen to.

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