What Get’s Measured Gets Done – Especially in Search Engine Marketing

When looking at how well your website is doing in the search engines, there are many factors to take into consideration. Without a doubt, one tool all business owners and search engine marketers should be using is Google’s own metric tools. Google will track the impressions, clicks, average position, and the click through rate. But what does that mean? Here’s what Google has to say: SEO Metrics The Search Engine Optimization reports in Analytics use…

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5 Ways to Good Search Engine Optimization – SEO

Content Freshness It’s no mystery – search engines such as Google and Bing LOVE fresh content. This is one reason blogs have become so popular with larger businesses. They are easy to update and to update frequently. You don’t have to write the next Iliad, but you do want your content to be readable. That is to say, you don’t want to just write content for search engines, but you want to write them to be read. Sure, it’s wise…

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