The Successful Coach

Carol Parker Walsh


How do you find your purpose?

What is the process of finding your purpose?

Find out what abilities you have that you can offer. Unveil yourself to the world.

Struggles are part of the process, but you have to shift your thinking. You need to make a turn, go back up, and overcome it. Focus on the prize, and never lose sight of what you’re going after.

Give yourself time to know what you really want to do. You deserve to live the life that you want.

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A bit about Carol:

Dr. Carol Parker Walsh is a powerful advocate for women unapologetically living life on their terms and doing the work they were meant to do in the world. When she was eight her mother asked her, “Why is it when everyone goes left, you go right?” She replied, “Why do I have to go where everyone else does?” Now, she empowers women to boldly walk their path, too. 

A two-time best-selling author, international speaker, and award-winning consultant, Carol’s been the “go-to” coach for Grammy Award winners, Paralympic Gold Medalists, Fortune 500 executives, and six-to-seven-figure professionals and entrepreneurs who continue to be successful and driven.

Before launching Carol Parker Walsh Consulting, Carol ran a successful image consulting practice, Evolve Image Consulting,  empowering women to build a strong authentic personal brand through a unique styling, powerful presence, and a strong digital footprint.

Today, Carol uses her image consulting skills, along with more than 25 years of executive-level experience in corporate, healthcare, and academic settings, to create compelling and successful professional brands and narratives. In this way, she successfully support women in navigating every stage of their personal life and professional career.

Often, and proudly, defined as a cross between Michelle Obama and Beyonce’ for her insight, wisdom, intelligence, compassion, and rebel approach, Carol helps her clients stop hiding in the shadows of their brilliance and step into the power of who they are – their vision, their purpose, their life’s work. There’s no one way to the kind of income, lifestyle, and success you deserve. Carol is the mentor that can help you find your path to get there.

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