The Successful Coach

Christine Meyer


Are you the type of person who overcomplicates things? Did you know that you can still get to your destination while living playfully and joyfully?

As humans, we have this sense of accomplishment, looking for acknowledgment from others and prove our worthiness. This is what complicates things.

There is always a joyful or playful approach to life. It does not mean you’re wrong or unworthy, we just have to accept that it’s what we can live and intended for when we were born. Stop contradicting, along the way you’re getting indicators, you just have to acknowledge them and follow them. If you’re resistant out of nature and you’re doing out of proving, you’ll just keep repeating that pattern. Everything is responding to the theme of your thought.

It’s not about the action, it’s about coming into alignment with what you desire, finding a way to feel better than you are, and feel good consistently. You can be tired sometimes but it is not what you want to keep focusing on, you have the choice. Life is a journey of new discoveries.

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A bit about Christine:

Christine coaches thought leaders and influencers who are deeply interested in confidently creating their life through the masterful understanding of their own empowerment. Her clients are passionate, life-loving humans who already have a track record of success, who understand that coaching is not a luxury and that hiring her will exponentially affect their lives in powerful and positive ways.

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