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Jon Michail

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What’s your branding? What are your ways of growing your business?

Personal branding is very important and it must be authentic. It correlates strongly with money, status, and personal growth.

Develop the inside so that you will not collapse on the outside.

Personal branding must be done holistically. Go back to your foundation. Mental health and personal well-being must be stable. You must believe yourself so that other people will believe you.

Package yourself authentically to attract clients. It’s true that visual presentation is important, but quality is more important. Personal branding builds trust. You can achieve anything you want…just make sure it meets your standards.

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A bit about Jon:

Jon is a best-selling author and Forbes contributor. He has helped C-level executives, entrepreneurs, and change-makers to unlock and transform their personal and business leadership authority, influence, and impact to achieve superior Gravitas.

Jon has spoken at over 1200 seminars, workshops, and conferences, and coached over 7500 one-on-one clients for HSBC, PWC, L’Oreal, IBM, Disney, BHP Billiton, GE, Kelloggs, AFL, Crown, and LVMH, among others across four continents.

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