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Kate Jaramillo

16 The Successful Coach

Entrepreneurship is about creating your signature offer, building your brand around it, and growing from there.

Every offer is unique, and it’s very important to make it distinctive and valuable. Know what your clients want most, and how they want it to be delivered to them.

Find your “soulmate” clients. They are your ideal clients, someone that you love so much that it lights you up when you serve them. Connect to them and help them get to their ideal outcome. Some people fail in the business because they are indecisive. They fail to recognize their soulmate clients, they refuse to connect, and are not ready to commit to one thing in business.

Entrepreneurship is a roller coaster. You’ve got to be willing and have a strong mindset to get through the valleys and over the peaks on your journey.

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A bit about Kate:

Kate is a Mom, a stepmom, a wife, a business owner, an author, a podcaster, and a world traveler. She works hard, plays hard, and dreams big. She’s living proof that women can be, do, and have it all! Now, she’s on a mission to help mompreneurs ditch their 24/7 hustle and build their own brand so they can create the life of their dreams.

Today, Kate runs the incredibly successful Ketogenic Living 101 and Ketogenic Living 102 groups to help women find their own style of ketogenic living. She created the Ketogenic Living Coach Certification program to teach others how to give the gift of whole-body health.  She finds herself enthralled in educating and empowering her clients to achieve significant, sustainable results. This passion has turned into the heart of her business. She prides herself on making ketogenic living simple, quick, and delicious. She teaches busy women how to quickly turn their bodies into fat-burners instead of sugar-burners so they feel strong, lean, fit, and clear-minded.

Kate wants everyone who is interested in Ketogenic Living to have affordable access to what she believes is the best in health and wellness.

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