The Successful Coach

Melissa King


Are you aware of the common mistakes job seekers make? What steps have you taken in your consideration of a career change?

When looking for a job, you should always put your best foot forward. Update your resume, and be confident when talking about points that are relevant to your job or industry.

You’ve got to stand out and be strategic. Use social media to connect with people and professionals, especially those in the same industry as you. Social media gives you an edge through familiarity and commonality.

Connect through LinkedIn. Start posting, talk about marketing efforts around your industry. Start building up your profile and get recognized.

Sometimes people are afraid to ask questions and to be direct. We have to keep trying, let go of that fear, and keep moving forward.

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A bit about Melissa:

MELISSAKING is a nationwide boutique firm providing services for Recruiting, Coaching, and Resume Writing. Melissa is solution-focused. She shows a high level of empathy and has the ability to motivate others in challenging times. She has an intuitive and light style that builds rapport quickly and is unafraid to challenge when appropriate. Melissa uses a combination of business models and insight to help clients achieve transformational change.

For Recruiting, Melissa provides a unique experience to each client that she represents. She has continued to partner with a variety of business leaders in providing talent acquisition solutions to develop their overall management capabilities and improve talent transformations within Sales/Marketing, Accounting/Finance, IT, and HR teams for all businesses & organizations. Establishing a proven track record in recruiting for mission-critical and executive positions has remained an ongoing focus. Melissa is your source for today’s top talent with a commitment that elevates her practice to the forefront of the recruiting industry. She has partnered with leading companies in Phoenix, Denver, Atlanta, Houston, Dallas, Chicago, Seattle, and LA to name a few. ​

With Coaching, she specializes in helping entrepreneurs, business owners, professionals, executives, and even students in becoming more effective in their personal and professional life by overcoming personal obstacles standing in the way of living the life they truly want. She has partnered with Fortune 500 companies to elevate their C-Suite, as well as teams to enhance performance. She also partners with individuals on a personal level to get their careers to where they want them to be.

​Melissa has a passion with regard to the growth of individuals and how these individuals, in turn, can foster the growth of their colleagues. She believes that the ability to create, to communicate, and to encourage change is a key factor for the success of both the organization and the individual.

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