The Successful Coach

What is The Successful Coach about?

The Successful Coach is hosted by Doug Holt who interviews some of the most successful coaches in the business. They discuss each coach’s journey as well as some actionable tips and habits that have helped them get to where they are today. This show is great for coaches who have been in the business for years or personal growth junkies who are ready to take their passion to the next level by starting their own coaching business.


Pritha Dubey

In 2020, the current business model must be changed. Businesses must become more innovative and look out for online summits where you can get prospective clients. Take this chance to collaborate with other coaches. Be innovative in building a network.

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Parul Agrawal

In this episode, we get to know more about Parul, her journey, and how she’s helping entrepreneurs all over the world grow their businesses.

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Jenn Lofgren

In this episode, Jenn Lofgren details her dynamic approach to business coaching, and how you can achieve your goals even in these trying times.

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Susan Ibitz

Today’s guest is Susan Ibitz, a Human Behavior Hacker, Lead Researcher, and Trainer at the Human Behavior Lab. Being born with dyslexia, Susan learned communication in a completely different way.

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Michaela Lindinger

In this episode, get to know more about Michaela Lindinger and how her principles are impacting her clients, and soon, the world.

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Thomas Gelmi

In this episode, get to know more about Thomas Gelmi. He’s an expert in personal and interpersonal competence and creates value for his clients as an executive coach, facilitator, and sparring partner.

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Shahab Anari

The word “decision” comes from a Latin word that means “to cut off”.  When you cut loose from other options and get laser-focused on that one option in front of you, then you will find the way to make things work. When you’re out of options, success comes. Coaching is

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