I have a secret for you – we all are.

I’ve worked with owners of large companies, hedge fund managers, librarians, successful business owners, motivational speakers… and everyone in-between. The only people that have it all figured out are teenagers. Well, until they realize they really don’t.

Through coaching, I can help you build a business, expand your current business, get more life out of your life, and help you find your passion.

My one-on-one coaching isn’t for everyone – it’s for those willing to make a serious investment in their future. I require a six-month commitment simply because I invest so much into my clients. This attracts the 1%’ers – those who truly want to live an extraordinary life.

For those of you that aren’t there yet, that’s OK. We’re all wired differently. I have friends that offer free resources that you can use. They’re good and you should get them. Here are a few of my favorites:

Scott Dinsmore and liveyourlegend.net – I met Scott in Santa Barbara when he was working for a company in the health field. I instantly connected with Scott and started following his first blog. Fast forward to his current mission, helping people discover their passions. Scott has some great free resources that he’s put together and you should take advantage of them. Scott also offers paid programs. I haven’t taken them, but I respect Scott and that’s why he’s on my list.

Simon Sinek and Start with Why – If you haven’t seen Simon’s Ted Talk, then you need to pause and go watch it now. I’ll wait (though you might want to bookmark this page first). I’ve seen Simon talk live and got a chance to meet him briefly. He was great! Here is his Ted Talk:

I’ve run internships for over a decade and I always ask my interns what their plan is… and I always get the deer in headlights look. I’m going to tell you what I tell them.

I know a very successful business owner in his 70’s. He owns two businesses and has a very large investment portfolio. This man works out, hard, 3-6 days a week, is in three wine tasting groups, a Rotarian, has a wine cellar to die for, travels, and can tell a story better than most. Guess what. He doesn’t know what he wants to do and he is still, you guess it, trying to “figure it out”. IF he’s still looking, then it’s OK for you to be looking too. I’m working with him now and we’re both enjoying some great wine together.

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