Online Mastermind Groups can work in many different ways. Some are very basic and rudimentary and only operate via email without the members of the group ever seeing or talking to one another. Others, like the Mastermind Groups run by Doug Holt Online, are run through private web portals that allow the exchange of thoughts through a private group message board, private online group, email, regularly scheduled phone calls, video check-ins, and live in-person events.

We’ve found that this mixture of adding the convenience of sharing ideas online combined with the regular interaction via phone, video, and in-person allows the members of the Mastermind Group to connect and thus help each other grow exponentially.

The Mastermind Group Applications Process

A potential Doug Holt Online Mastermind Group member starts by applying. If the application is for a new group being formed, then the Doug Holt Online staff will determine if that person is the right fit for the group after conducting an interview, either in person or video chat. If the potential Mastermind Group member is applying for an existing group, such as the Executive Mastermind Group, then their application is put through the same process with the additional review by each member of the current group. Only when the Mastermind Group unanimously agrees upon the potential member being a great addition will the person be let into the group. This ensures the integrity of the group.

In that application, there is a non-disclosure agreement. Keeping the information confidential within the Mastermind Group is critical and any violation of that agreement causes immediate dismissal from the group and all future Mastermind Groups.

Community Online Mastermind Groups

Not all Mastermind Groups work the same. Technology is constantly changing as are a group’s needs. Most Mastermind Groups have their own private message board that can be accessed from any device that has an Internet connection. The only requirement is the proper login information.
This private board allows each member to see the threads of communication within the Mastermind Group, search old topics, and post new items. The board will also send emails when a new item has been posted either immediately or as a daily digest so you can stay on top of what’s moving the group and participate.

The Mastermind group also has a private web page, or a group page, that hosts social topics, event calendars, and other options that allow the group to share at a more global level those thoughts and ideas that might not be as pressing. This is a great way to get to know your fellow members on a deeper level. It’s all about connection, especially since the average Mastermind Group member is someone who is playing the game of life at a much higher level than most.


The Mastermind Groups have regularly scheduled check-ins. These can be on the phone, video, or in-person. Typically, these group check-ins are coordinated once each month and provide each member the chance to share and get feedback on their most pressing issues. The power of the Mastermind is synergy. The group members are powerful by themselves, but when they get together, magic can happen. Mastersingers of all backgrounds help each other and suggest actionable steps to solve problems and creative thoughts to help in tough situations. It’s the power of this synergy that makes the group so strong.

Birds of a Feather 

It’s widely accepted that you are as great as the people you surround yourself with. There’s no better place to find extraordinary people than inside a well run Mastermind Group. Simply watching those around you strive towards their goals will innately push you more towards your goals.
The Doug Holt Online Mastermind Groups meet in person at least once per year. During these meetings, Doug Holt and his staff facilitate a two-day personal and professional discovery and development seminar. This retreat allows group members to connect at a deeper level, push through barriers, and have fun. Through these live meetings, each person is asked to push themselves, and those around them, towards greatness on a level previously not imagined.

If you have to resist any questions, please contact us!

That is the power of the Mastermind Group!


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