imposter syndrome

“I’m going to start doing live videos, but first I need to get the right background.”

That’s what I used to tell myself. Then, when the background was right, it became about the lighting. When the lighting was right, it became about the energy… “I’m too tired, so I’ll film tomorrow.”

We all go through some version of this right? I did and still do today, just not about video.

We call it Imposter Syndrom.

It comes down to worrying about what others may think of us. Sure, I read that book about not giving a crap too. That doesn’t stop the little voice from creeping into our heads.

The only thing that works is taking action. The quicker and more massive the action the better.

My first videos sucked. I’m not being hard on myself – they really did suck. My newer videos aren’t as bad. What’s changed? Getting my reps in. I now just shoot videos without as much thought. Sure, I still think about the way they look and it often bothers me, but it doesn’t stop me.

What excuse are you using to stop stepping into your light? The more honest you are with yourself, the better.

Once you’ve identified what that is, take immediate action towards doing just that activity. Most every business owner I speak to says they should be doing more videos, yet they don’t do them.

Want some accountability? No better way then replying to this and letting me know what it is for you and then taking action.

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