This is a compelling question and a complete paradigm change from most of the stances we take when we feel something needs to be changed or fixed.

When we’ve determined something is wrong, such as not having enough money, being too fat, in a bad relationship, etc., we turn our minds into a negative “what’s wrong with me” mode and then resort to trying to fix the problem from that state of mind.

What if we approached these situations with a state of wonder rather than judgment?

What if instead of saying “I’m broke. This sucks. I need to make more money and fast.” we say something like this “Interesting that I’m in this situation again. What can I learn from this?”

The sense of wonder opens us up to new and ever-expanding possibilities that can’t be seen from the paradigm of being broken.

So, go through your day today, looking at your business, your body, and your relationships, asking the question: What do I need to learn most here?

Please share with me the area you feel you need to learn most in so I can support you.

For me, it’s in the area of finance – in particular, financial strategy. In the past, I’ve asked this question in the areas of business, relationships, self-love, and forgiveness.

What about you?

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