Fitness Professional Online (FPO) will guide you to resources both on and offline, regardless of what stage of your career you’re in. It is our mission to grow the fitness industry together with other fitness professionals by providing free resources, an online show airing twice each week in podcast form, articles, Q & A’s with industry experts, product reviews, and YOU!

Fitness Professional Online was the brainchild of Doug Holt, who saw the need for an online resource for Fitness Professionals around the world. While working for a certification company, Doug helped thousands of professionals find the resources they needed, but it often took searching through random sites and sending them all over the web. There needed to be a hub that professionals could go to in order to get the information they needed to help their clients. Doug also believed that there was no one “right way” and wanted to create a space where a multitude of research and theories could be presented and thus allow the professional to decide what was best – hence Fitness Professional Online. Having experience in magazine publishing, Doug also wanted to bring a magazine style site to the savvy reader, releasing featured content for free to readers each month.

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