If you look at a computer screen in the early morning or at night, then you know the eye strain that can happen. There are also studies that suggest this affects your sleep. Now, you can wear a pair of blue blocking sunglasses, but you tend to look slightly like a mass murderer. This is where F.lux comes in handy. F. lux adjusts one’s computer screen display depending on the time of day to reduce the strain a computer screen may have on the eyes. Available on all devices- iPad, iPhone, iPod, as well as compatible with both Mac OS X and Windows- F. lux takes into account your current setting and location and automatically adjust your screen accordingly. Easy to install, as well as, uninstall F.lux can drastically change how you view your screen and its quality.

I’ve been using F.lux for some time now, and I love it. You can suspend the software if you’re watching a movie and want a crisper look to your screen. Otherwise, F.lux sets itself up automatically to adjust your screen’s brightness in the morning and the evening.

Costs: Free

FileZilla (FTP)

FileZilla is a free online FTP solution. FileZilla allows for cross-platform FTP, FTPS, and SFTP client with useful sharing features. This program is available in 47 different languages and allows for remote fi le editing. Files that are larger than 4GB can be transferred and resumed. FileZilla has a tabbed interface for ease of browsing across multiple servers and file transfer.

FileZilla is an easy way to transfer files from server to server or from server to the computer. I use it for large files and as an alternative to moving files between computers off my private server.

Cost: Free

Data backup


Although I’ve moved away from Mozy to portable hard drive backups, it is a good alternative for someone wishing to backup to the cloud. I liked Mozy’s easy to use interface and ability to dial back the bandwidth usage. Canceling my account was a pain, and I’m glad I made the switch, but if you’re looking for an easy to use solution to backup your data to the cloud, then this is a good option.

Cost: $19.95+ / month

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