Santa Barbra Fitness Magazine

Nestled between the Pacific Ocean and the Santa Ynez Mountains, Santa Barbara has long been the ultimate fix for the active lifestyle. At SB Fitness Magazine, we know the tourists may come for the history and unique Spanish charm, but the locals stay because they’re hooked…and so are we. We live in a community that is outwardly dedicated to self-improvement through fitness, health, and nutrition. We know our locals work hard so they can play hard, and SB Fitness is dedicated to helping them do so. We are committed to serving our readers as a resource by making the information they need to reach their fitness goals more accessible. Our readers are actively seeking wellness and work-life balance. They are surfers, adventurers, fitness buffs, pro and semi-pro athletes, and those who are simply looking to feel better and look great. They are professionals, homeowners, students, and dreamers who seek products, services, and general information relevant to lifestyle management, mind/body/spirit balance, fitness, and nutrition. These are our readers, and they are also your customers. We invite you to Advertise in SB Fitness Magazine and join us in our quest to support and inspire this growing community.

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