The Successful Coach

Jennifer Popken


Is it difficult to incorporate diet and exercise into your busy life? What’s the first step?

As high performers, the first thing you want to do is surrender sugar, refined flour, and chemicals. They sap your energy and slow you down. Eat a plant-based diet and you’ll get that sense of vitality you’re missing. And it won’t take long.

Tune into your body. Get complete. Remember, it’s not only about diet. Food, fitness, and mindset – all three help us reclaim our birthright to health, happiness, and freedom.

Learn to prioritize yourself. Make commitments, focus on them, and follow-through.

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A bit about Jennifer:

Jennifer Helene Popken, M.S. is a seasoned entrepreneur with over 20 years of initiating, growing, and leading purposeful businesses. She began coaching in 2010 and has worked in the industry with a focus on Lifestyle Medicine Coaching, Executive Coaching, and Career Coaching for individuals and organizations. The creation of methodologies for learning systems is her specialty.

She has led end-to-end marketing programs by developing and evolving brands. She creates strategies and content/design across all marketing touchpoints (video, email, social, blog, advertising, community, website, events, etc.). 

Jennifer has led online educational programs by developing innovative content strategies for Learning Management Systems (LMS). She directs the design, schedules, budgets, and sales staff to scale systems globally. Additionally, she represents programs as both presenter and evangelist.

She has a long track record of developing training methodologies as well as conducting profitable, immersive coach training, marketing, and mentoring programs.

She is the Managing Director of Noble-Manhattan, an accredited (ICF, ILM, IAPCM) coach training company in the United States where she is a Master Coach and Coach Trainer. Jennifer speaks fluent French and German and has spent 15 years abroad immersing herself in learning about transformation and growing international businesses.

She holds an M.S. in Nutrition and has been consulting groups, companies, and individuals for over a decade on Lifestyle Medicine.

Most importantly, she believes that your daily practice is your most powerful medicine. The root of her past, future, and present is in the practice of the grammar and doctrine of Patanjali Yoga.

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