The Successful Coach

Natasha Mitchell


How do you scale up your business?

What are the skillsets you need for scaling?

What kind of people will you need in your business?

The foundation for scaling is taking time to think about what you really want in your life and in your business, then designing your business around that.

Know what you want, map out the business, and make informed choices about how you change up your business model to align it better to your original goals.

You need to have the right people for the right job. Know what roles you need to have for your business to scale, and make sure you have those right people in them. Find people who understand your direction.

In this episode, you will learn how to scale up your business, the things you need to focus on, and the key skill sets you need to scale effectively.

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A bit about Natasha:

Owner of Inspire & Drive. She’s always had a passion for the arts; dance, music, theatre, and fashion. A beautiful piece of art, dance, or music inspires her and makes her happy. That’s why she wants to surround herself with creative people. She wants to make business easy and fun so that people can focus on sharing their gifts and talents with the world and make it a more interesting and colorful place.

As an international business consultant for over 20 years, Natasha learned how to understand client challenges, remove barriers and help them to create the structure and plans they needed to help their business and teams run more effectively and efficiently.  She knows how to translate all of this so that it makes sense to creative entrepreneurs in small businesses.

She’s worked with wedding planners, photographers, videographers, authors, art teachers, and more, helping them to create and implement strategies and processes, get organized, build their teams and develop their leadership skills so they can step out of the day-to-day grind and focus on the big picture and creative vision. Her clients tell her she’s the perfect complement to their right-brained, creative approach. She would love to help people take things to the next level without sacrificing creativity, fun, and freedom. 

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