The Successful Coach

Susan Ibitz


What kind of a coach are you, how do people see you and what does your client say about you and your work?

Know and understand your audience, how they act, how they perceive things, how they communicate. Adjust based on who and what kind of client you are handling and help that person avoid resistance.

In order for your audience to believe what you teach, believe in what you do, and love what you do first.

Until you decide who you are and who you want to become, you cannot coach someone. Your work and word are going to go beyond yourself. You never know who is talking with whom. The only thing that you have is integrity.

As a coach, you don’t need to know everything. You just need to know your turf, know your path, know how to get to your destination, and always give your best in your chosen path.

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Quick Bio:

Today’s guest is Susan Ibitz, a Human Behavior Hacker, Lead Researcher, and Trainer at the Human Behavior Lab. Being born with dyslexia, Susan learned communication in a completely different way.

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Susan Ibitz – Doug Holt | Fitness Guru, Lifestyle Engineer, and Business Expert

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