A lot of people complain about not being inspired or not knowing what to do, but I find that it’s not inspiration that’s lacking. It may be in that very moment, but that’s not the real issue at hand. 

In digging a bit deeper, I find that it’s a failure to take the first big step after inspiration has struck that’s the problem. 

We all get moments of inspiration. How many times have you heard someone say, “I had that idea years ago!” upon seeing the success of a product that’s new to the market? 

Lots of people have good ideas. Lots of people get inspired. 

Few people take the first big step towards realizing their dreams or goals after that inspiration hits. 


It’s scary.

The voice in their head starts playing all the reasons they shouldn’t do this or that or why it can wait until later… until later never comes.

They repeat this cycle, again and again, all while talking to others about not feeling inspired.

The first step is scary, and that's precisely why you should do it. If it weren't, you wouldn't have that feeling of inspiration in the first place. They go hand and hand together.

I’ll let you in on another secret… not taking action at this moment of inspiration is also why many people don’t feel fulfilled.

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