QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online makes running your business, or businesses, easy and affordable. In a modern era, where people are working from home, or perhaps just need access away from their desktop, the online service provides an excellent solution.

You can have multiple users with various levels of access and monitor your account via their mobile app. The features of the online version are similar, yet different, to the desktop version. The only downside I’ve found is that you have to pay for each business you run on their platform, whereas the desktop version allowed for multiple companies. A bummer for those passionate entrepreneurs out there, but not a deal breaker.

Cost: $12.95 / month +


FreshBooks is another bookkeeping software suite but is built more for the solo business owner who needs something easy to use and without all the bells and whistles that can sometimes be confusing with a software solution like QuickBooks Online. Many freelancers prefer the interface of FreshBooks and its ease of use.

Cost: $9.95+


BidSketch is a proposal software that allows you to easily put together and send proposals from templates previously created by you. Creating an original proposal for each client is a time-consuming task, especially if the majority of your services, products, and other offerings are similar. With BidSketch, you create content for any section you may want in a proposal – from an introduction, to a fee description of every service you offer, to concluding sections telling the client what steps they should take next. Once you do the front-end work of creating the content for any section that could be placed in a proposal, you now can select which sections you want in a customized proposal for your client, allowing you to select the sections you wish to include and hit send.

This tool is great for automating a process that tends to take the most time when working with a potential client. Unless you offer something different to every client, then this is a great tool to take advantage of and even pass off to an assistant you trust, allowing you more time to focus on turning the lead into a client.

Cost: From $23/mo – $119/mo

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