Using Reminders On Your Phone As Your Personal Coach

You iPhone as your life coach
Making big changes in life is all about hitting singles. My brother used to tell me that about business (and he’s right), but this also applies to making changes in other areas of your life as well. It’s the little things, done consistently, that provide lasting change and produce the greatest results over time. Let’s […]

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What business are you really in?

starting a business
Do you know what business you’re in? Of course you do! Or, perhaps it’s worth taking another look. I thought I knew exactly what business I was in when I was first asked this question, but it took some thinking. “What business am I really in? When I first answered this question, I was the […]

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When is the best time to send an email?

Finding the right time to send emails is an art form in itself. If you monitor your open rates and keep statistical analysis, then it becomes a science. I’d love to say that I do that on a regular basis – check the stats of the emails I send out from my inbox to see […]

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Being World Class

Doug Holt Online
Having had the opportunity to work with amazing artists, businessmen and women, executives, actors, and scholars has opened my eyes to the differences between those that are successful and those that simply just wannabe. The wannabes hope that someday they’ll strike it rich, get discovered, figure it out, and “it will all come together. It […]

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Dough Holt Online
We’re all afraid of something. Fear can be a moving target, changing as our lives and circumstances change. A small business owner might be afraid of another dip in the economy thus causing him to shut his doors, or he might be afraid that his staff won’t work if he’s not in his store, thus […]

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IFTTT – If This Then That

Doug Holt Online
If you haven’t seen the term IFTTT, it’s a coding term for “If this, then that”, which essentially gives a string of automated orders to a computer. The website makes this process easy by connecting multiple accounts, or channels, to each other. An example might be: If it’s going to rain tomorrow, send me […]

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The One SEO Tool that is a Game Changer

Doug Holt Online
The rumor is that SEO is dead. I agree… well, not really. I think SEO is dead for everyone in the industry looking for a quick fix. It wasn’t long ago that so called SEOs were able to tweak a few aspects of a website on-page, send a few links your way, and make their […]

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What colors do I choose for my website?

Doug Holt Online
Designing a new website can be stressful. There are so many questions to ask yourself.  Should you use WordPress? What about Joomla or Drupal? Where should my logo go? Should I have an About Me menu item, or does that look too self-absorbed? … The list goes on and on. One question we commonly get […]

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The Best TED Talks for Business Owners

If you’re like me, you love TED Talks – they’re informative, inspirational, and give you insights into worlds that you may not have known existed. TED Talks can be especially useful for business owners, but sometimes you might not have the time to go through all of them.Here are my top 5 TED Talks for […]

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Mastering Business at Business Mastery

Doug Holt Online
It was my third event in the Tony Robbins Life Mastery series – Business Mastery. The event took place in sunny Palm Beach Florida, though it wasn’t so sunny the day we arrived. Palm Beach was getting hit hard – 10 inches of rain that seemed to be pouring down from every angle. If you […]

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Doug Holt

Dough Holt Online I help thousands of people break through personal barriers and grow their business to heights previously unimagined. I am also expert on Internet Marketing and Health & Fitness. Read more about me ...

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