Everyone Thinks You Have it All … But We Know The Truth

It’s 8 PM, and you’re just getting home from the office, but your day isn’t over yet.  You grab something quickly on the way home to eat, pour yourself a drink, and sit down on the couch.  You’ve got a date with your laptop tonight because days like this require that you get shit done.  The Netflix streaming in the background gives you some semblance of a social life… as if you…

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Things are going great… until they’re not

The worst part of this equation is it’s happened before. You think you’ve “made it out” only to find yourself in a groundhog’s day scenario, repeating past mistakes and ending up in the exact same place you thought you had grown out of.

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You’re a Fake

The truth is that you’re scared and don’t know what to do.

You’re turning into your parents – and it scares the crap out of you.

Sure, you can make people laugh, and in short bursts, you’re great to be around… but what about long stents? Can you be with yourself?

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Making the jump is scary

Making the jump is scary. I just got off the phone with an executive with a dream. His dream is to leave his high paying job and grow his “side-hustle” business. When we first talked, he walked me through his dreams and his business model. I say dreams because his deadlines contained a lot of “someday’s” in them. I don’t do “someday’s” with my clients. His year-end goals became his quarterly goals and he crushed them all in 3-weeks, all…

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Are you an absentee father in your own home?

There’s a trend going around all over social media and with “talking heads” proclaiming that you’ll find nirvana if you just hustle harder and work more. We get up earlier and earlier. Stay up later and later. Crush it at our main gig and then move on to our side-hustle. We’re men. That’s what we do. We hunt and bring back the kill. Right? I mean, that’s what men do. Right? Have you ever stopped and asked why you’re hustling?…

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How do you know what you want?

The easiest way to know what it is that you want is to start by thinking of ten things you never want to experience again. Why? Going into your past and searching for what you don’t want to experience usually drums up an incredible sense of emotion. These are experiences that caused pain and trauma usually. The past experiences that you don’t ever want to experience again are easy for most of us to step back into and become present…

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So…why aren’t you happy?

☑️ You got the job you always wanted. ☑️ You got the partner you always wanted (mostly anyway). ☑️ You even have the car. So why aren’t you happy? ????‍♂️ This is a question a lot of business owners and executives ask themselves, and yet few ever talk about it. The reason is simple really – you’re not fulfilled because you’ve spent a lot of time chasing things external of yourself. I know this can sound…

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Dangers of Executive Coaching

Imagine sitting in your chair as you stare off into space listening to the drones of a voice on the other end of the phone. The voice asks you what your KPI’s are, moving people to different seats on the bus, and then onto another key point from the latest best selling business book on the New York Times bestseller list. You know this is the same script your executive coach follows with each person – there’s no plan, no…

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Do you ever wonder how you have gotten this far in business?

The feeling that at any moment, someone’s going to pull back the curtain, see what’s really going on and yell “Ah Ha! I knew it!” and take it all away? ???? Most of the experts I talk to feel this way. They know their industry inside and out, but they also know that many others do as well.  “What happens when my luck runs out?” ⌛️ This thought process causes anxiety and those 2 AM wakeups where your mind is going 100…

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